A website bringing visibility to the historically neglected work of Portuguese women designers.

Screenshot of The Peculiar Manicule.

WGD/PT aims to bring visibility to the work of women graphic designers in Portugal. Born out of Ana Lisboa’s master’s thesis “As Mulheres no Design Gráfico em Portugal. Preservação da Memória Coletiva de Alda Rosa e Cristina Reis”, the website currently features biographies, timelines and examples of work of Alda Rosa and Cristina Reis. It aims «to provide free access to the educational community so that it can edit and add new female references, opening perspectives of future research».

From WGD/PT’s about page:

«The invisibility of women in Design History is a clear reality due to the lack of studies on this theme.

Despite the efforts of many historians of Graphic Design, as well as much of the existing literature, the issue of the recognition of women in design and their own professionalization remains a matter of concern, causing a lack of consensus on the practice of the discipline, both in the academic community and the general public. The field of Graphic Design continues to struggle with issues of recognition, professionalization and inclusion of women in the discipline, as well as the lack of literature where women are protagonists in its History.»

The site is available in both Portuguese and English.

Women in Graphic Design/PT