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You can reach out at hello@soldesignarchive.com for all inquiries, questions, and requests.

Authorship & Copyright

Sol Designed Archive was created by Ricardo Santos (me). Texts are shared under a Public Domain CC0 license and the site's source code (excluding external libraries and plugins) is shared under a GPL v3 license.

The images of printed matter displayed at soldesignarchive.com were scanned from my personal collection and are shared for purely educational and research purposes only. Copyright and other rights of the designs, contents, texts, trademarks, illustrations, photography, etc., present in the works displayed belong to their owners.

For the majority of books and other printed matter, we share the cover, a few pages representative of the overall design language and choices (layout, typography, etc.), and pages containing relevant illustrations and photography.

If you are a copyright holder who believes your rights are infringed upon please reach out at hello@soldesignarchive.com.


Sol's logo is set in Trade Gothic Next, originally designed by Jackson Burke in 1948, updated in 2008 by Akira Kobayashi and Tom Grace, and published by Monotype. Main titles are set in Trade Gothic Next Rounded, from the same family. Body copy is set in Tiempos Text, designed by Kris Sowersby, and published by Klim Type Foundry in 2010. Paratext and additional elements are set in Indivisible and Maple, both designed by Eric Olson, and published by Process Type Foundry in 2019 and 2005.

Can I donate stuff to the archive?

We’d love to take in all your old printed matter, but storage space is limited. If you have cool stuff that you think would find a good home at Sol please reach out with some photos, and we’ll go from there!

How are artifacts imaged?

Most images are obtained by scanning the objects on a flatbed scanner. It’s a great way to get good quality, evenly lit images of printed matter. Things obviously get more complicated with larger formats, which is why, for now, most of the artifacts online are small-format stuff. If some anonymous benefactor would like to donate a large-format scanner, we’d looove one!